Gardening with recycled items

Do you like growing plants such as flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, and trees? If this is your hobby or maybe a part of your recreation, well, definitely you like gardening! Gardening could be indoor or outdoor. Actually gardening is related to farming but a farm required larger scale. Gardening is a good way not just to grow plants but to reduce waste in your home, the junk clearance system. Junk clearance gardening will lead you to zero waste at home. As a gardener, being eco-friendly is very useful doing junk clearance gardening. Being eco-friendly is basically the best attitude for junk clearance gardening because you don’t want to waste anything, and they love hunting waste to repurpose it.

Many of us loved junk clearance gardening, usually we choose to create our garden in an outdoor area. You can personalize your outdoor garden and add character with it. You can create interesting and beautiful designs for your garden using junk materials. To have an effective junk clearance gardening, you need to repurpose junk materials available to your home and add architectural touch to it so that you could use all materials available to the maximum. You need to be creative to your garden designs and decorations for you to have a good outcome to your junk clearance gardening. You can add fun to your garden designs. You must have patience and creativity so that you can give life to your garden using recycled items. Through garden junk clearance, you can design an impressive art illustration and repurpose plastic bottles. You can also paint bright colors to your materials to look new again. For junk clearance, gather all junk materials and create them into new items that you could use for your garden. We will discuss next the materials that you could use during junk clearance gardening.

Old Tires: Tires are good raise beds for your flowers, vegetables, and fruits gardening. There were plants that require deep soil, for these plants you could stack tires on top so that you could load more soil. Tire is also the best option in planting potatoes, put another tire on top and make sure to fill it up with more soil so that it will grow better. Very easy to harvest your potatoes using tires because potatoes will just stay on the tire and you don’t need to dig deep to the ground. Recycling tire is very important during junk clearance gardening.

Milk Jugs: Plastic milk jugs have a lot of purpose for gardening. Just cut the tops of plastics milk jugs and you can grow small plants to it. You can also cut the bottom of the jugs, you can use it as the shield of your small plants if they need protection from frost, just put the jugs over the top of the small plants.

Tin Cans: Cut the bottom and the top of the tin can. Fill it up with the soil and put them to the tray, then your tray is ready for you seedlings, just put them indoor. If the plant is ready for transplant, you can plant it directly together with the can or maybe you could remove the can. Junk clearance tin cans have many uses, be creative in using it for your garden.

Tote Bags: You can use these bags as hanging planters so that you can use available space on your wall. Hanging planting is very advisable to those who have limited area to their home. Junk clearance gardening could also gives design to your garden.

Foam Meat Trays: You can use these trays for your tin cans that you use for your seedlings.